October 15, 2019

365 Days of the Great Names of God, Day 319: Dayspring


"Through the tender mercy of our God, With which the Dayspring from on high has visited us; To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, To guide our feet into the way of peace." (Luke 1:78,79 NKJV)

"With the loving mercy of our God, a new day from heaven will dawn upon us." (Luke 1:78 NCV)

I was in A Mood the other morning, and my teenage daughter was no doubt glad to leave the house and go to school. When she got there, though, she lived up to her name, which means "grace," and sent me this text: "I hope you have a good day, whether it's easy or you have to choose to."

I really think God invented children in part to be His instruments on earth to knock sense into their parents sometimes.

Easy good days. Chosen good days.

I like the first: the days when "good" isn't something I have to look for or work at.

But the days I have to choose to make or see as good are another story.

In our family, w
e're big on feeling what you feel...on not pretending everything is fine when it isn't. We want our home to be a safe zone for the full range of emotions God created us to experience.

But what, exactly, makes a "good" day good? What can I choose on those hard days when "good" doesn't come easily?

It helps to look at what the Dayspring brought to the "new day" He broke as the divine Dawn.

He brought tenderness...and so I can choose to be tender rather than harsh. That would be good.

He brought mercy...and so I can choose to show mercy, to not give someone "what they deserve." That would be good.

He brought light...and so I can choose to be a light in someone's darkness. That would be good.

He brought guidance...and so I can choose to guide rather than lead astray. That would be good.

He brought peace...and so I can choose to be a peacemaker. That would be good.

The Dayspring has visited us, sweet friends. A new day has dawned. Whether by ease or by choice, may we make it good.

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