January 18, 2019

365 Days of the Great Names of God, Day 49: Seeker of Lost Things

Seeker of Lost Things

"'For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost." (Luke 19:10)

God is the Seeker of lost things. More specifically, He is the Seeker of lost people. Glad though He is about all who are safely in His care and keeping, He will not rest as long as one is missing.

Sweet friends, if you are lost—whatever "lost" might look like for you right now—know this: the Seeker is looking for you. 

"God is the shepherd in search of his lamb. His legs are scratched, his feet are sore and his eyes are burning. He scales the cliffs and traverses the fields. He explores the caves. He cups his hands to his mouth and calls into the canyon. The name he calls is yours. God is [also] the housewife in search of the lost coin. No matter that he has nine others. He won't rest until he has found the tenth. He searches the house. He moves furniture. He pulls up rugs. He cleans out the shelves. He stays up late. He gets up early. All other tasks can wait. Only one matters. The coin is of great value to him. He owns it. He will not stop until he finds it. The coin he seeks is you." (Max Lucado, from And the Angels Were Silent)

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