November 30, 2019

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You . . . And, What's Next?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet friends, for coming along with me on the 365 Days of the Great Names of God journey! I am so grateful for your companionship, encouragement, and faithfulness along the long way. He is the Beginning and the Amen and so many riches in between, which we will explore and extol—but never exhaust—forever. 

That journey and the accompanying daily posts have reached an end with the Amen, but I am planning (at my mama's request order) to compile the names into a book. I'm hoping to figure out the complexities of self-publishing and have that available in April. And I'm not going anywhere with this blog! I'll still put up posts from time to time on "faith, family, food...and, ocassionally, some funny."

I also want to invite you to join me, if you're interested, for an Advent series starting December 1 on my Guilty Chocoholic Mama Facebook page. I'll be reprising 25 of the names of God from the 365-day series that are specific to Jesus. (And if you're not on Facebook but would like to receive the posts, feel free to email me at, and I'll send them to you each day.)

Advent is a Latin word that means "to keep coming closer." Advent as a season leading up to Christmas is a time of expectation, invitation, and preparation.

One of my favorite ways to come closer to God is through His names, and so for the days leading up to Christmas, I'm going to try to put a name of Jesus at the forefront of my easily distracted mind.

If you could use some expectation, invitation, and preparation yourself, I'd love to have you join me for "That Worthy Name." I'll post a name of Jesus, a Scripture, a song suggestion, and a few thoughts on my Facebook page every day around 7 a.m. EST. There's nothing to sign up for or commit to or download or buy. 

Just come. May His worthy name be praised forever.

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