March 15, 2020

To Mom: The Unspoken

To Mom: The Unspoken

by Kyrsten Newlon

For the times you made me smile through tears,
I saw the love you held.

For the grocery runs and the homework guidance and every night you rocked me to sleep,
I saw the care and my heart beamed.

For the trophies and awards and celebratory dinners,
I saw you at the end, not my own success.

For the days when it all came crashing down on you,
I saw the burden you carried.

For the prayers and stress and late-night talks,
I saw and treasured every bit of wisdom.

When we felt distant, when we felt close, when we fought and when we laughed,
I saw how hard you were trying.

For the conversations about God and the teachings you handed down,
I saw Him in you.

For the discipline and the punishments and every time you said no,
I saw the love, even if I didn’t always understand.

In every adventure you took me on,
I saw you. You were the hero to me.

Kyrsten Newlon is a writer from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has written for Input Fort Wayne magazine, the Kalamazoo Valley museum, the Winona Lake Newsletter, and Grace College. Her days are consumed by writing, coffee, and notes upon notes of ideas. As a dedicated learner, she loves to explore many different areas of writing, interviewing, and dreaming.

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