May 22, 2015

Flashback Friday

Looking back through my personal workbook from the Beth Moore Daniel study my Bible study sisters and I did two seasons ago (shout-out to the Proverbs 32 women of the Word!), I came across this quote from Beth I loved back then and still love today. 

Maybe "Wednesday Wisdom" and "Flashback Friday" will both become things? I do dearly love alliteration...anyway, onto the quote:

"While we're still living, we've got us some challenges going. Now there are times I do believe God brings us through something and shuts the door and that's just it. But there are other times...if Satan can't get anything new to work on you, he's gonna come back with the old. We think to ourselves, 'I can't do it again,' because we think we're going to fight the old battle with the old strength. No, we've got new strength. New every morning. New every morning."

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