May 17, 2015

Word of the Month

"... seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day."

So goes that unofficial anthem of the American West, "Home on the Range."

But, I suspect some moms would argue that seldom is heard an encouraging word!

Encouragement feels like the word of the month for me.

Last week, I was so honored to have my article "Three Things I Want to Say to Moms More Often..." put up on For Every Mom. And this week, Blogs by Christian Women is very kindly publishing my guest post "The Art of Building Up: Six Habits of Highly Encouraging Women."

If you've given or gotten some encouragement recently, I'd be thrilled to have you share it in a comment or on Facebook.

As for me: I've got to get busy practicing what I've preached.

"Therefore encourage one another 
and build each other up." 
                                                        (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

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