January 26, 2018

14 Things I Love...And Not Just On Valentine's Day

My husband will not get me roses for Valentines Day. 

This is because I have told him, "Do not get me roses for Valentines Day"--and he is a smart man who has learned a few things in 22 years of marriage.

He will probably get me chocolate. I trust that needs no further explanation.

What I really want for Valentine's Day is as much as I can get of these things that I love and try (not always successfully) to be grateful for every day.

1. Jesus, Who loved me first.

2. My family: the one that lives in my house and the one I grew up in with all its wonderful add-ons and the one made up of friends who feel like family.

3. Music, because where words fail, it speaks.

4. Our country road, in every season.

5. My Tuesday-morning ladies Bible study: digging into God's great love letter with my sweet study sisters. A little taste of heaven on earth.

6. Chocolate (as previously stated).

7. Rainy or snowy nights when my family is all home together.

8. Freshly grated nutmeg.

9. The bright red chair at the antique library table in my kitchen.

10. Elisabeth Elliot's "A Lamp Unto My Feet." When I first started reading it, I underlined the parts of this daily devotional* that really knocked me over. As it turns out, it would have been easier to underline the parts that didn't convict me. Which would pretty much have been just the copyright page.

*...that you can read while you brush your teeth but that's jam-packed with enough wisdom to last until you don't have teeth to brush anymore

11. Naps.

12. Singing duets with my daughter in church.

13. Fires in the fireplace.
14. Getting to tell my girls they have a snow day.

What's on your love list?
Please share it here in a comment or over on my Facebook page.
Happy Valentine's Day, mamas and friends...
may your roses (if you like them) be red and your chocolate (if you like it) be dark.

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  1. I must check out "A Lamp Unto My Feet." I read Elisabeth Elliot's "Keep a Quiet Heart" last year, and did the same thing - underlined all through it!

    As for what I love, right now it's watching my girls play basketball, I think because they only have a few games left!

    1. Yes, Tracey, I think you would love "Lamp"...as much as you can love something that's always convicting you (along the lines of "afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted," if you know what I mean!). ;) And oh, that joy of watching your girls do something they love and/or have worked hard at and/or are good at. There's nothing like it for a mama, is there? Thanks so much for stopping by...it's always a good day for me when I start it by connecting with you!

  2. My mom always tells my Dad to not get her flowers. She always says "don't wast your money on something that will die in a week, get me something that will last". I think she's hinting that she really wants diamonds but.....I also think she would rather just have things like you have on your list.
    As for me, I love watching my sister at her gymnastic meets and playing with my dogs.

    1. Hi, Patrick! It sounds like your mom and I are kindred spirits...but that is so funny about the diamonds! ;) And what a good brother you are, to support your sister! From the little experience I've had with gymnastics, I know that's truly a family commitment. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

  3. What a great list, Elizabeth! Like you, my small group is a sweet taste of heaven. Delightful post that I'll be sharing on Twitter today!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Sarah! I'm so happy for you that you, too, know the joys of sweet small-group fellowship! Bless you for sharing this!

  4. Shaking my pom-poms in a cheer for Elisabeth Elliot goodness! (and for Elizabeth Spencer goodness, too!) <3

    1. Heehee...thank you, sweetie! Really, did THAT Elisabeth ever write a single word that wasn't true and convicting? Thanks for the cheers...you are my very favorite kind of cheerleader. ;)

  5. Ooooh! Naps, fires, chocolate,... I'd have to add some quiet time to read.

    1. ...which is the PERFECT addition. Hello, #15! :) So lovely to hear from you today, Mother of 3!


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