March 30, 2017

Brownie-Batter Stuffed Chocolate-Chip Cookies

If you've been on my Facebook page lately, you may be feeling a little déjà vu-ish at the moment, because this post was inspired by a recent post there.

To recap: my girls were getting ready to host their friend Kelsey for a sleepover. I told them to ask her what she wanted for dessert, and Kelsey said she couldn't decide between brownies and chocolate-chip cookies. 

My younger daughter, who is well-versed in our family's dessert repertoire, told her, "I know what you want." 

Enter Brownie-Batter Stuffed Chocolate-Chip Cookies.

I included the basic method for these cookies on Facebook, but here's a more detailed recipe. Because no one should have to choose between two of the great desserts of the world when it's entirely possible to have them both in one life-altering bite.

Brownie-Batter Stuffed Chocolate-Chip Cookies {print}

1 standard-sized batch chocolate-chip cookie dough, well chilled (make your favorite recipe or make my favorite recipe or use a tube from the grocery store or haul out that tub you bought from the school fundraiser and stashed in the freezer...any chocolate-chip cookie dough will work as long as it is well-chilled and firm)

1 batch brownie batter, made by mixing together the following ingredients and freezing until solid and firm...don't try to cheat this step:
  • 1 standard-sized box plain, basic brownie mix (I like Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge)
  • melted butter equivalent to the oil called for on the box (e.g., 1/3 cup melted butter instead of 1/3 cup oil)
  • water as called for on the box (e.g., 1/4 cup for 1/4 cup)
  • NO egg(s), no matter what the box calls for (e.g., none for one, none for two, none for three...this brownie batter contains ZERO eggs)
Once you've got a well-chilled batch of cookie dough and a solidly frozen batch of brownie batter within reach, you're ready to roll, wrap, and bake. 

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and either coat a cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray or line it with parchment paper. Scoop about 1 scant tablespoon of frozen brownie batter out of the container you stored it in and roll it into a ball. You may have to show the batter who's boss at first, but it will get easier as the batter softens up a little. Now take about 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons well-chilled chocolate-chip cookie dough and smoosh it out a little in the palm of your hand. Place your brownie ball in the center and fold the cookie dough up around it. You are trying to entirely encase the brownie batter in cookie dough. Yes, this is a little messy. But so are lots of other things in life that are much less delicious than these cookies will be. Carry on. Pinch the cookie dough around the brownie batter ball until the brownie batter is safely tucked inside and cannot be seen. 

Place on your prepared cookie sheet and repeat with enough of your remaining dough and batter until you have as many cookies as you want to make. Chill/freeze remaining dough and batter until you need it.

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes, or until cracked around the edges and puffed in the center. Cool on the cookie sheet for several minutes or until the cookies are firm enough to remove to a wire rack without falling apart in transit. Eat while warm, with a big glass of cold milk.

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I've never made this kind of plea before on this page, and I'm not going to do it again. But if you haven't stopped by my Facebook page, I'd love to have you do it now. I have this weird dream of getting to 777 "likes"--7 being a number of completion in the Bible and all that. I don't just seems so tidy to me. Unlike my house. Which is enough said on both these subjects. Thanks for reading.

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  1. How have I made it this far in life without combining two of my favorite sweets like this??!! The only thing better than having the recipe would be showing up at your door to sit down and eat one or two (or, you know, however many...who's counting ;) with you!

    And, if I were on Facebook, I would definitely have already liked your page! Thinking about setting up a Facebook page for my blog, but haven't taken the plunge yet...

    1. Awww...thank you, Tracey...both for the sweet words and for the "virtual" Facebook like. :) I'm not sure I should encourage you to start a are doing beautifully without it, and it is a major time-drain. But I do enjoy the fun interaction with lovely readers. For now, though, I think your time would be better spent making a batch of these and eating them with your darling daughters! Bless you, my friend!

  2. Thanks sooo much Liz! I will have to try. .Love this idea!😊

    1. You're welcome, Diane! You should definitely try these, because my family gave them a very enthusiastic thumb's up! ;) Thanks for checking this out! :)

  3. Your writing is fantastic! This was worth the read just for the writing side of things. The fact that there's chocolate involved is a huge bonus!
    Going to try this - my kids are going to love it!! :) Thank you!!

    1. Awww...thank you so much, my friend! What a sweet thing of you to say! I'm glad I could "give" you something sweet in return...or at least the method for how to make something sweet. Bless you! xoxo

  4. Well this is the stuff dreams are made of!

    1. Dreams come true, my friend, dreams come true. (As an aside, I have to tell you that I had headed over from #FridayFrivolity to comment on that dump soup recipe I think Marilyn posted; my comment was going to be, "You had me at 'dump.'" Then I saw you had already beaten me to it! ;) So I echoed you, but added on. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that...)

  5. This looks heavenly! OMG! #FridayFrivolity xo

    1. Heehee...thank you, Lisa! Honestly, I am a rather UNheavenly mom a lot of the time, so I need cookies like these to make up for a lot of maternal sins. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by from #FridayFrivolity!


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