November 2, 2016

Five People to Thank Today

When my husband and I were perfect parents--before we had children--we took a parenting that class that espoused, among about other 1000 things, the lovely practice of teaching sign language to babies. My husband and I determined that we would do this and imagined entire conversations in sign language between ourselves and our 6-month-old. 

Insert reality check in which we JUST WANTED TO GET THE CHILD TO SLEEP, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. We whittled our "conversation" down to a few useful words and phrases, starting with "thank you." We began with this because "thank you" is so much more than a phrase: it's an entire mindset and an attitude of the heart. In fact, being thanked can completely alter the tone of someone's day. 

Of course, you are not at all stingy with your thanks and certainly don't need a list to tell you who to give it to. But I'd love to have you click over to Coffee & Conversation on and check out five specific thankees whose day you might just make a little (or a lot) better by your gratitude.

And while I've got you, thank you for being here. You've already made my day better.

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  1. look forward to posting this sweet post on in a little bit!

    1. Aw, bless your heart, Sue! You are the sweetest! I'm honored and excited! Can't wait to see your guest post on C&C! :)


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